What is Madelung's Deformity.

Madlung's Deformity is a rare wrist deformity that affects around 1 in 800,000 but this is just a rough guide as not everyone gets correctly diagnosed due to the rarity of it.

Madelung's Deformity effects the Ulnar & radius bones in the forearm & wrist. they grow faster than they should and continue to grow when they should of stopped, which forces them to grow curved.

Madelung's Deformity becomes more apparent during puberty (ages 8-12) due to the growth spurt that occurs during this time, it is more common in females than males.

There is no cure at present for Madelung's Deformity it can be managed with pain medication, wrist supports & other coping techniques, which differs from person to person.

In some cases surgery is sometimes recommended.

Surgery may or may not work depending on the severity of the Madelung's & it could make The wrist (wrists) worse.
Once surgery is done it can not be undone.

Bilateral Madelung's Deformity is when it presents in both wrists around 50% of Madelung sufferers have it in both wrists.